Sunday, 6 May 2018


"Stimulation of sympathetic system causes the production of epinephrine from the adrenal medulla and prolonged activation and binding of the hormone to adrenergic receptor would elicit the effects seen in fight or flight reaction", she mumbled while writing the statements in her notes.

She flipped to a new page, gripping her pen even tighter but this time it slipped off her hand again. She frowned when she realized how sweaty her palm has become.

"In what flight or flight situation am I in right now?', she asked herself with a sigh. She pretended not to know the reason why, gently opening the zip of her bag to take a piece of tissue out of its pocket and slowly rubbing it against her hands.

It has been 21 minutes, she thought. None of the notes on the table has attracted her more than a group of seniors sitting at the table in front of her. Her eyes were constantly trying to steal a glance at one of the figures.

She stopped when she felt blood rushing to her face, slowly gasping for more air down her respiratory tract, with her heart beating fast and the lung expirate faster.

'I must have gone mad', she pulled her glance away from that person who was just having a silent conversation with one of the friends, flashing the most innocent and pure smile.

'Should I sit comfortably or cross-legged ?'
'Am I being watched?'
'I want to get noticed but I'm not confident to get noticed, am I on my right mind?'
Her mind started speaking subconsciously at a rate of 100 thoughts/ min.

She started imagining what could have happen if she was just as attractive enough to be friends with that person. Could they talk comfortably and go out very weekends for a lunch together? Can she stare at that beautiful face as long as she wishes? Can she ask everything she wanted to know about each other? What about going to the most beautiful park, walking several rounds for some pretty shots together? Does she have to split bills for all the fun? She quickly brushed that one off, gladly convincing herself that she would do so as long as they're both happy. 

I'd give all I have to own that smile, she thought.

She raised her head once again and her eyes met with that person. 

"Gulp", she choked but her eyes were still fixed on the others. It was a gentle 1 second before that person pulled the gaze away first. She was still in shock but she tried to breath normally again.

'What was that? This is not happening. It's so embarrassing', she immersed her head under her papers. Her face has gone absolutely red. She felt hot and shaking. She could feel that other people in the library must have noticed her being weird so she slowly went back to her posture. 

She can't seem to forget the sweet gesture and charisma flowing through that figure. The image of all Hollywood's sweetheart heartthrob started crossing her mind but none match the beauty of that person sitting before her. Not even Chris Hemsworth. She lifted her head up again and realized that the person has left with the friends. 

'Ouh', she sighed.

And at the same time, she was also relieved. 

She started noticing other things in the library as she got back into reality.
Most of the tables are occupied with people who are engrossed into discussions, some of others are silently typing on their keyboards, looking serious while browsing through thousand of words on the laptop screen. 

She looked at the time on the wall and realized she was almost late for her next class. Packing up her stuff, she glanced back at the table in front of her before carrying her items out of the library. She walked hastily to the elevator and tried to get her conscience back. 

The initial plan to revise on her notes was ruined and she felt even more devastated that it's not even the first time it has happened. 

Her best friend once said, "sometimes, we confused our mind with the feeling of love over admiration. The person probably have a characteristic that we like and that explains the reason for getting so attracted to them. We haven't got to see more people in this world yet. It's fair to give our hearts a rest before it founds its true love, shall we?" 

'Crush? Probably not', she affirmed.

The elevator's door opened and there she goes again, hot and shaking but she still dragged her weakened limbs into the elevator.

Her heart went pit-a-pat again and her face blushed a sweet red colour. She idly fidgeted her fingers with her eyes pinned down on the elevator's doors. 

"Hey, urm.."

She turned around to the source of the voice and finally, looking at that beautiful face again although she had to crane her face upward to meet the eyes of the tall figure. She stunted and was a bit confused too.  Her mouth was closely shut, completely numb. 

"I just noticed you around.."

She listened to the words closely.

"Have you ever imagined your crush listening to your mind?"

Her face turned pale. With her frozen body, she wouldn't even blink once and tried to digest the current situation. 

"So you're saying that I'm a better looking than Chris Hemsworth?" The person smiled bashfully. "That would be a too masculine comparison for me, don't you think?" The person continued. "I don't even have facial hair", this time it came with a giggle.

The girl or the person who she thought was a boy looked at her with a grin, showing off half of the perfect teeth.

'I'm definitely out of my mind, am I? She even read minds?!' Her mind speaks up for her frozen lips while looking at the person before her. Right at that time, "Ting!", the elevator opened and she slowly slid backward and out of the elevator. 

The elevator was about to close before she saw the girl nodding while waving, she was still smiling bashfully.

From that day onwards, she never met her crush again. 

The rest was history.


  1. Hey there Syahirah! Decided to following you because you are cool and i want to improve my English by blogwalking . Heheheh.

    1. Hi !! I'm sorry I got caught up with exams and assignments that I didn't realize your comment. Thank you so much for the compliments. You're so sweet :) I'll try to write as often as I used to ! Much love <3


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