Saturday, 5 December 2015

Alma Mater

           It was on 5th January 2011 when I was officially a MOZAC student and being a little bit naive, I imagined myself having good times with cool people at that place. I probably got the ideas from the stories that my sister, Sarah, who is older by 2 years shared when we were dining at home. And yeah, I chose MOZAC  out of any other boarding schools because I'm overly attached to my sister. Ok get over it😝              
Here's a picture of me and my papa. Please don't judge me from my look. My size changes over years ok.😁

I was (not in a narcissist way) famous for the first few years in MOZAC because everyone knew my sister including teachers and seniors so instead of calling me with my real name, they called me sarah. Honestly, I enjoyed it at first because I got to talk to cool seniors which includes good-looking guy seniors🙊 and being teachers' attention but after a while, it became annoying. Haha.

So throughout the years, my life was all about heavy books and struggling for top ranks. I was a struggler, I must admit. Staying up every single night just to cover chapters that haven't been taught so I could stay steps ahead was my routine. But in the end, I'm always the second best😅 

                                 I received an Ipad during MAC 😁

To me, entering MOZAC wasn't a mistake after all. It was a life-changing experience. I made friends with funny and witty people who makes me look through my life in a totally different perspective. To give and take, and to appreciate by being grateful.   

I did mention that I was a smartass, right? Haha. Not really tho😂 I was placed in Alpha class (which is the first class) from form 2 until form 5. And I also did mention that I was always the second best, right? I wasn't lying on that. In fact, I've ranked second in the batch for 4 consecutive years. Haha. How bout that, ha? I only got first during mid-year form 5. That was the time my eye-bag was surreal.😭😭

Form 5 was the toughest year. Being the school's target, I was constantly put on pressure by my teachers and parents. Like I said, instead of stressing out over it, I always look at the bright side so the whole time, I keep reminding myself to study and be successful so I can lead the ummah one day. It made me feel different, actually. My trial result was 3A+ 5A and 1B+ (and it was biology) demyu bio, I lost khazanah scholarship. Ugh 

Ok so let's put the books aside and get to the next stories. Friends.

To be straight up, I'm constantly in a love-hate relationship with them. They're like the wifi signal. Sometimes, it was strong and they make you happy and proud to be their friends. They give you soothing advice and listen to your stories. But sometimes, the signal turned so bad that it made you mad and sad. There were times when they just decided to leave you hanging and telling you things that made you feel bad about yourself or only being nice to you when they needed something. But after all, I learned that no one was perfect and you can't expect people to treat you the way you want to be treated. They're only human, right? 

I've always wanted to end these days telling them that they meant so much to me but days had passed, and still, I didn't have any guts to do it 😔 I am so going to miss the days when we pulled lame jokes in class, doing verbal sexual harrassment( don't get it wrong. It was an inside joke), making weird sounds during add math class, making weird faces and calling each other with names(that is not offensive) because that's just the way that brought us together😄 
'All hail to the memories we created on this hill and kudos to these awesome people who've always been there through my ups and downs' - Nur Syahirah Ain Omar (class of 2015)

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