Monday, 21 December 2015

Hiking Bukit Tabur

A few weeks ago, my mother came up with a thrilling suggestion on how to kill my boredom of staying at home doing nothing.
"We'll hike up Bukit Tabur with your older sister at 4 a.m and watch the sunrise"
With a bit of hesitation and reluctant, I said, "okay," knowing that I don't really have any option other than to go on with whatever she planned for me. Our days after that gone by with some physical training.
On 18 dec, me and my mother went off to KL, picked up my sister, stayed for awhile at our grandmother's house, and at 10 p.m we drove to a McD nearest to Bukit Tabur. There, we slept in the car while waiting for other hikers as the briefing started at 3 a.m.
Most people might think that the hike wouldn't be tough because the name itself is called 'bukit', so it must be a short hike up the hill. In fact, The East Bukit Tabur which was the place we were about to hike was just 217 metre from sea level. However, during the briefing, we were reminded that there had been some tragic death cases that happened among other climbers who tend to be careless.
Moments after that passed by swiftly and only then I realized that I was holding on some tiny rocks, trying to push myself upwards with the guide of the light coming from my headlamps. None of the route was plane.

Bukit Tabur has it's east ( the easiest), fareast(extreme) and west ( the hardest and the impossible). Like I said, we climbed up the east and there were 22 of us on which I was the youngest. There are numbers of challenges along the climb which required some extreme measures such as maximum extending of leg, great hand force to push yourself forward (you'll be needing gloves) and the capacity to face your fear of darkness, height and insects. 
After 50 minutes, we reached the steepest cliff which was the last obstacle before getting to the peak. It was very very steep like literally 90 degree to the ground and there was a huge cliff right beside it.
The mental breakdown began with my mother, who claimed that her journey ended there so she instructed my sister and the others to go on with the climb as she will stay down there until it's time to go home. On the other hand, I myself was in such dilemma, not beacause the climbing up would be scary but I was thinking on how the heck am I going to climb down afterwards.
My mother caught the expression on my face and knew exactly that I would stay with her.
We find a place to rest and performed our subuh prayer. I felt a bit like a slap on my face for not finishing the climb and I know my mother felt that way too. She contemplated for awhile and as if she'd gathered some strength after the prayer, she decided that both of us should continue with the climb.
Soon after that, we found ourselves climbing up the cliff and reached the peak right on time the sun rose.
This was the first picture we got as soon as we reached the top. It was breezy and there was a wide view of nature with ecstatic hills and valley. The colour was magnificent too.
We tend to spend hours up there taking pictures with some crazy poses

After that, we climbed down using a route which seemed to be much shorter and easier before finding ourselves heading towards the place we parked our car. Here's our last selfie with much kerek expression because we got to do something challenging together with Allah's helps.

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