Tuesday, 1 March 2016

10 Tips to Fit In

If you're a naturally awkward person and interacting with new people in a new environment becomes a struggle, don't feel bad coz we're definitely in the same boat, probably with other thousands of people out there. This time I'm going to come up with 10 tips to fit in a group of new people which I learnt from several experience and observations.

1. Smile and laugh.
By smiling, it automatically makes people think that you're friendly and approachable. You just have to smile to anyone that you bump into and don't forget to maintain eye contact. This way, especially if you're an introvert will make it easier when the other party decides to take the first step and say hello.

2. Expect various colour of humans.
When you finally able to join in the group, you'll be meeting different kind of person with different story and different way of telling. Sometimes, you'll be comfortable with funny, decent and humble person but don't get offended when a person suddenly speaks sarcasm with harsh words or probably shriek at you. They don't mean harm but they naturally speak that way.

3. Share common interest.
I've seen many of people become best friends because of common interest they have. Share your common interest, be it about songs, guilty pleasure or things you hate. Also, don't forget to be a good listener and voices out your opinion about what they love or hate so they can sense your attention and concern. At early stage, you have no choice but to fit in so even when their interest don't arouse you, pretend it does!

4. Don't feel intimidated.
You should try to make friend with every single person in the community. It's really important that you don't feel inferior to those who stand out more and have more knowledge or those who become famous instantly in the group. You should speak out too and try to talk about their stuff. Always remember that the inferiority that you feel is what they feel as well but they decided to ignore it. 

5. Play important niche.
Volunteer to any task that have to be done in the group so they will find you helpful and useful. There'll be more interactions and a stronger bond will be created when facing challenges together.

6. Come up with significant remarks on yourself.
You have to do something that will make them remember you. It could be a punchline or a pickupline you pulled or a talent you posses like beatboxing, rapping. This way, they'll remark you with what you did in the last 10 years to the day you're having  a reunion with them.

7. Avoid boring conversation.
I don't know why and since when but in our generation, serious conversations are considered boring conversations. We would much prefer a funny conversation compared to a serious one. However, don't get me wrong. Serious conversation is crucial but at certain appropriate timing. Also, don't hesitate to reply with sarcasm or punchlines to loose the tension between both parties as it will also make the conversation more interesting.

8. You don't have to impress.
To me, those who tried too hard to impress others to the measure that they tell about all their achievements really pisses me off. It's vital to just be yourself and stay as humble as you can. People loves humble person and they'll find you more attractive when they figure out your speciality themselves and then only, you can start telling them about it. It's also okay to share your flaws as no one is perfect and no one deserves to be judged. You should accept yourself and others as it is.

9. Know them better.
You have to know more than just their full name, perhaps about their family, friends and personal stories. This is the only way you can discover what is unrevealed behind those smiling faces and you can play your role as a friend. You have to do it right because they'll put their trust on you and treasure your presence.
10. Give compliment.
It's never wrong to tell someone that they're beautiful in their own way. Try complimenting someone about their smile or their attire and you'll see them smile for the rest of the day. That's the power of compliment in changing someone's feeling. Just remember that the more happiness you give, the more happiness you'll get. Give compliments!

That's all for this entry. I hope all the tips are interesting enough for you to apply so you can fit in well and be happy. Don't forget to smile! Coz you look beautiful with it๐Ÿ˜

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