Monday, 23 May 2016

I got 9A+ !

Hey there.
I know that the spm result was announced 3 months ago and you shall say that I'm a bit left behind for still being excited and giddy about getting 9 A+. I know that the spm results are irrelevent by now as this is a starting season of university enrollment and the discoveries to something more tremendous and ever mind-blowing (lol my exaggeration ==').
Anyway, yayyyy!!!! I made it! I don't think I've applauded myself enough for this achievement so this time on this post, I'm writing a long-ass words about what I feel. To be exact, my feelings which I never really could express to anyone or anything except myself.
*patting my back
*whispers 'there you go girl' 😌
I remember those 2 years of hellish and hectic moments when I have to push myself so hard to prepare myself for spm. I was not a person who pick up informations quickly, let alone a genius. In fact, I was an average speed learner with terrible capability to stay energized and cheerful. Oh did I mentioned how NOT a morning person I am? Every weekdays when there were classes to attend, I woke up and went to school without taking a bath (I don't see any problem with that) just to continue sleeping at my table. Imagine carrying that sleepy face to school and impolitely immerse my head on the table until the first period started. To me, that was unacceptable but to me, the back-in-the-day-one, that was a routine.
Even so, I never sleep during lectures and I am a person who takes note and make practices to reduce my sleepiness. Chemistry and biology classes needed me to do that because most of the time, my teachers will explain on the topics using the slideshow with pictures as the stimulus. They explain and we listen. To differ, maths and add maths classes were more interesting as there were more heads-on and hands-on. We listen as we do the calculations. My way to reduce the sleepiness was to act like I was in quiz competition which I have to get the answer first before anyone else does. I knew I annoyed a lot of my friends at that time but I just had to!
To be honest, those 2 years were undeniably challenging but I enjoyed doing it and I don't mind doing it as long as the time could run. I enjoyed the time me and my friends imagined our futures as someone who we wish to be, comparing grades and having conflicts on certain things but then reconciled and move on. However, I don't really enjoyed having eye bags after a few rounds of staying up late at nights to buy extra study times and the feeling when I can't longer move any part of my body due to mild fatigueness when the clock striked 5 pm.
It was the good and the bad ol' day but I will always cherish it and be proud for getting through it.
When I got 9A+, I'd totally forgotten what I felt back in the day. I just feel like everything has fallen to its pieces and I was just too happy. My parents were happy and my sister was speechless while my brother was.... clueless? I love to make them proud of me and there's not much of things that I could do to make that happen except my academic results.
Having 9A+ however, did not change my life entirely. I didn't become a doctor or owning a big house or fancy car upon getting that kind of result. Through the eyes of the world, I still have to participate in this worldly competition and strike for the best spot.
Nevertheless, my result has become a ticket for me to try new things and to get access to numerous prestigious scholarship interviews. I've been to kijang emas, khazanah, petronas, yayasan peneraju and jpamara interview to convince them that I deserve the scholarship. One thing I learnt is, your spm result doesn't matter anymore once you've been called for the interview. On the day of the assessment, everyone is considered the same despite the pattern of their spm results. What matters most at that time is our communication skills and intelligence.
Many of my straight A+ friends did not manage to land on the scholarship that offers the courses that they wanted but thankfully, they have the bursary as a back up. 
I think the art of winning big is to be very very hardworking and humble for Allah does not count someone's achievements but their efforts.
Allah yuftah alaikum.
I hope we will be strong enough to endure days in our life towards achieving our goal in life and in akhirat, bold enough to try something new and grateful enough to share our good and bad stories to our beloved ones.
May today, tomorrow and yesterday pass by with barakah. Amiin. 

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