Sunday, 4 September 2016

What social medias are to me?

Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat are the kind of social medias that I'm always down to. I always feel like they're like an ocean and we are the sea swimmers, floating in the middle of it and the seashore seems very very far away, almost out of sight. When we're lucky, we'll be swimming to the right direction following the high tides while enjoying the sun, the natural view and the chilly splashes. Sometimes, there are high chances that sharks would come and attack us or there is a sudden thunderstorm that makes the wave turns monstrous. We are either survivors or victims in this wide ocean that exist within a single click of 'login' on our 5.7 inches phone's screen.

I'm not sure if you get the message from that analogy but I get it if you don't because I'm the most terrible at making one😂.

Here, we have social medias in which the users are humans (or a computer-generated robots?) with different backgrounds and mentalities, mixed together in one place. No one could actually indicate their purpose of being there at the first place so if we're in control of however we use the social medias, then we'll get good benefits out of it (altho there's a low chance to get to that). But if we're unable to take control or to get prepared with whatever that comes up on the timeline, we're very very closed to get doomed (by mean, got distracted and to the extent of being depressed, if u get what I mean).

It's all about how well you use this social networks.

Twitter can be a great platform to get connected with friends, a perfect place to give opinions about an issue and get feedbacks from other people with the same or varying thinkings and probably the site you'll go to when you have an ample of unproductive time to spent in real life. You'll be exposed on how diverse and unique other people's mentalities are due to different cultures and educational background. Twitter however, has its own fractions of input on which some are educational and inspirational while the other fractions consist of silly arguments over something very very petty, or something very very sensitive and I called it liberal fraction. There's also a large fraction of zero purpose inputs, where teenagers share relatable funny jokes and judging others' ignorant actions. I personally think that twitter is detrimental when it comes to corrupting minds about one-sided and false informations apart of taking much of my time.

Instagram is the perfect place for a visually stimulated person as there are a lot of pictures and short videos to watch. We'll get up-to-date with what our friends, families or our favourite celebrities are up to besides able to keep up with the latest fashion updates. I think instagram is great but not when it instills a mainstream idea of living life and having a certain beauty standards, creating a narcissistic nation or a group of people with inferiority complex. This problem is not significant but trust me, it exists and everyone needs to constantly reminding themselves that they're worth it and beautiful in their own way.

I'm not sure why I used snapchat at the first place haha but it's fun to have some weird filters especially the flower crown on your face or head. Snapchat is more casual and outgoing and I get to see LIVE what my friends or my favourite celebrities are doing. it's only time-consuming if you follow many people so there'll be more stories to watch.

This time around, I am going to see how much my life would change without access to social medias. The result wouldnt' be much surprising because I've experienced living without them when I was in MOZAC(boarding school where phones and wifi are restricted).

I'll be signing out my twitter, instagram and snapchat account within these few weeks, hoping that I find something else more interesting and productive to do (e.g reading or writing short stories hmm🤔).

They say, 'you'll notice more about what's there in life when you raise your head from your phone and start seeing the world'.

We'll see about that. Till then !

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