Monday, 1 May 2017

Decision Making | Medicine or Engineering?

Hi earthlings!

so recently, I've received a comment like this.

And in case you've read some of my posts, you would know about my dilemma in choosing whether to do these two fields. Here's something you need to know about my case because your case might differ. I've always wanted to do medicine since I was little but when I reached 16 years old and when I was in Form 4, I realized that Physics and Add maths were interesting and easy for me. On the other hand, I took a longer time to understand what we learnt in SPM Biology and even though I got A+ for that subject in SPM, I'm still doubting myself because I always get A- in other internal examinations. 

In order to make the decision, I listed down all the pros and cons for each field to make it more clearly when discussing with my family. One more thing that you need to know about my case is that I was also considering the two scholarships offered which were PETRONAS and JPA. Both of them were too precious to me, therefore please don't think that the decision that I had to make was easy. In fact, it was the toughest one I've made in my whole life :')

I made a list of pros and cons of both courses so I can see more clearly the pathway that I would be living in for another 5 years ahead, firstly, I made some research on each field. Dig up a deeper information of what mechanical engineers do, their internship, where they'll be working, the positions they have before becoming a senior mechanical engineer, their starting-off salaries. I did the same for medicine as well, graduating with Gred41 after 2 years housemanship, 4 years as MO before deciding whether to further studies for sub-specialization. Medicine field would surely take the longest time in becoming a specialist but after all it would be worth it, right? Simply said, you can't easily have a small picture of what doctors and engineers do like 'doctors have to cut and fix patients' body', 'engineers create and fix machines' only. That kind of knowledge is not even close to enough yet. You need to imagine yourself doing what they're doing for a day. Think of the journey as a student in the years of studies, can you keep up with the subjects? Anatomy and body defense mechanism or applied maths and physics?

You should count these aspects;
1. Duration of studies
2. Your interest in biology & chem subjects (if you want to do medic) and to physics, chem and add maths (if it's engineering)
3. What do doctors and engineers do. Which lifestyle do you want?
4. Assess yourself for what kind of career that suits you. You can take the tests on internet.
5. Last but the most important thing is, your passion. Which career has motivated you since the beginning and that you'd stick with it until the end bcs you know you'll be happy with it?

I'm not sure whether this post would help much but all the best in making your decision friends! Hopefully, you won't be too optimist (read: overestimate yourself) or too paranoid (read: underestimate yourself) when making the decision.

Someday, we should sit down and have coffee once all of this educational dilemma is over.
Signing off, xoxo

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