Sunday, 23 October 2016

A letter to 30-years-old me

Hello future me!

How are you? I hope you are doing fine and in the pink of health. In case you are confused, I am the 17 years old you who still wear a large square-framed glasses with some Hello Kitty stickers on it. I could not stop hoping that you will not be wearing this in the future. Anyway, it feels funny writing to you but realizing that we are having 20 years age gap, I know we are not having a common feel about this. Don’t be scared, okay. This is just me.

I am writing this letter to convey some of my hopes for our lifetime achievements. I was thinking of keeping this matter to myself but I reckoned that it would work out better in a team work. Therefore, I choose you as my partner to accomplish great things in our life and make the sixty years old us proud and happy as she goes down the memory lane. I just could not wait to set the ball rolling!

Gruelling and eye-opening life I have up to this age taught me that we should not be self-centred upon planning our dreams. We ought to share it with our family, friends and the society because they deserve it. I hope you are still holding on to this mentality. With this in mind, I hope we will involve in more voluntary works and charity movements so we could ease the burden laid on the shoulders of the people in need. In the meantime, I hope we will elevate to higher pace by helping needy people in other countries too. We surely could kill two birds with one stone because we are able to travel to many countries in the world. We will learn new languages and cultures besides sharing good times together with less fortunate people.

Apart from that, I hope we grow up living our dreams to be a successful surgeon. Despite having intense competition and narrow opportunities, I hope we will get through it and gain the scholarship to further our medical study. Remember how tiring it was to maintain good grades in every examination? How about the sleepless nights we had just to make sure we could finish our revision on time? And do you remember how many days we have to bear having a dark spot under our eyes? I just hope they will soon be reimbursed with a roll of certificate in our hands. Anyway, if we made it, we should work at the National Heart Institute of Malaysia so we could help to treat people with heart problems. By working there, I consider it as a blessing in disguise because besides meeting a lot of optimistic patients with a strong heart, we are capable of putting smiles on their faces and build up a wall of hope for them. It would be the greatest satisfaction of all time.

As for our social goals, I hope we still befriend Julie and Marzia because they are very fun to hang around with. Julie who is always cheerful and talkative, makes the atmosphere alive with funny jokes and endless laughter. On the other hand, Marzia who seems to be a lot more timid and shy has always been a good listener and the wisest one. The presence of these two people paint colourful rainbow in our life. I hope this friendship would last until we age and become old.

I also hope that we will have a great teamwork with Marzia and Julie in the national water polo team. Although we joined the team a little bit later than them, I hope we could cope faster and be among the best. Therefore, there will be no impossible that our team are going to be the greatest with the will of the intelligent trio. Hence, we should work harder with other teammates in order to be qualified for the international water polo game.

As for our personal achievements, I hope we will work out for a jaw-dropping beautiful body like our favourite idol, Jennifer Lawrence. We should eat healthily and have a balanced lifestyle to accomplish the goal. With that fit body, it is a bonus point for us to make another goal becomes reality which is to set new national record for longest distance sea swimming. I realized that this quest is nearly impossible and not a bed of roses unless we put our effort for an extra miles and enjoy doing it. Our family would be proud if we could make it.

Apart from that, I hope we could develop into a better writer from time to time. We should read more and practice writing as much as we could as writing is like doing art between blank spaces on a piece of paper. The beautiful thing about writing is when we are able to express every hopes and feeling that is bottled up in our hearts, just like how I feel when writing this letter to you.

Dearest future me,

I would end this letter telling you that you are most capable for anything you want in life. You are the king of your soul. Time will run and we would grow old but we should always live up our hopes so we can be proud of our lifetime achievements. I strongly believe that we could get through any obstacle and all we need to do is to take time to embrace every moment in our life. You are probably in your 30s by now and I wonder how much have you discovered in life. Anywhere you are right now, I shall give a piece of tender advice that ‘life is a journey and not a race so enjoy every second of it with your whole heart’.

Syahirah Omar

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