Friday, 21 April 2017

It's been a while.

Hi, I'm Syahirah Omar and as much as I try to make a cool, jargon-filled opening for this post, I know I failed terribly.

So here's my first post for 2017.

Months have passed super super fast and it's already in the middle of April. Only God knows how my life goes like. Busy? Hectic? or Happy? Excited? God knows.
One thing I know for sure was how much I learnt from whatever that happened.

I have a lot of thing to share about my life, especially the terrible dilemma parts when I was being adorably fickle-minded about my life decision. Yes, I'm a self-proclaimed adorable mess.

Last year, in 2016, after I received my SPM result, and ALSO after I received some scholarship offers in which I had some hard times deciding on which one to take, (not intending to sound ungrateful. Alhamdulillah for the offers, I love all of them but surely I had to make decisions to pick out one of them duhhh) Well, I picked medicine.

On May, I registered myself in a college called Kolej Teknologi Timur to do 2 years of A-levels under JPA-MARA sponsorship. After over a month there, I realized that I wasn't feeling happy about that place since the first time I set my first step there. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. I mean my friends there are super nice, witty and funny (legit loving them so muchieee), the lecturers are great and they are the ultimate miracle workers. Well, the seniors told us that but even without them telling, I knew it after having classes with them for a month.

So after a few processes with withdrawal forms and the check outs and some payments that needed to be made, I left the college and enrol in other university, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences. Here, I'm doing my Foundation in Science while being sponsored by JPA bursary. How's my life here? Hmm probably will need new entry for that haha.

I'm about to finish my foundation in June and InsyaAllah I'm planning to pursue my medical degree in other university under JPA scholarship. While it haven't been decided yet, I'm living my current life through semester 4 which will commence in a another 1 week.

Everything has been great. Great. Such a vague one-word description of 'everything' wasn't it? All my ups and downs, mental exhaustion, hectic schedule, unstable emotions and problems with friends and grades? I'd say that those are parts of life. Spices of the curry of life. Because in the end, the spicy, sweet and hotness of the curry will only matters. Therefore, I can really say that everything has been great!

'There's time when I think all these efforts will go vain.
Tired and perhaps all the distractions.
Allah will help me, that whisper goes.'

Signing off. xoxo

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